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Medical References

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"We had 2 bathrooms in our 36 year old home that needed remodeled due to our aging. The Ledgewood personnel had some great ideas that I hadn't even thought of. They were always open to suggestion & even helped repair items not related to the bathrooms. This saved a alot by not having to pay for service calls from other companies. We would hire them again in a heartbeat." 

This happy client's Bliss Tub below...

Health Benefits

Engineered for Healing Benefits

Bliss is Pro-Active. Input from Medical Professionals and customers alike has enabled Bliss Walk-in Tubs to achieve Best Design for maximum health benefits, results you can feel!

The 10 hydro jets and 16 air jets can be adjusted for force and direction based on individual needs.  Explore the links below for more complete information on specific health benefits.

Pain Reduction Bathing Safely
Arthritis Arthritis Management
Increase Range of Motion Diabetes Management
Invigorated Cardiovascular Healing Benefits
Lower Blood Pressure
Diabetes Management
Back, Hips and Knee Massage
Stress Reduction
Healthier Skin